Unveil more revitalized, refined and beautiful skin

Our unique formulas are developed and produced in Switzerland following an ethical and conscious approach.

With systematic use of NUME-Lab products you will achieve:

  • significant anti-aging improvement result
  • nourishing and regenerating effect
  • reduction of wrinkles and dark spots
  • healing your skin damaged by acne or any skin irritation

And you will protect the skin against free radical or pollution.

We are obsessed in offering high efficacy products. Constantly strive selecting formulas ingredients based on tested efficacy result, NUME-Lab is taking advantage of the Swiss innovative biotechnology. Our products are formulated to have high efficacy and to assure the selection of clean ingredients.

0% parabens, 0% sulfates, 0% phthalates, 0% mineral oils, 0% formaldehydes, 0% DEA, TEA, MEA, 0% methylisothiazolinone, 0% alumina and derivatives   No Animal test

Learn more about our skin care below and how to regenerate the Beauty of your skin by starting your own Skin Renaissance Experience. 


info@nume-lab.com   —   +41 21 501 73 43

NUME-Lab Sàrl — Grand-Rue 92 — 1820 Montreux — Switzerland

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