Your Skin Renaissance Experience

Like in the Botticelli´s Renaissance painting “The Birth of Venus” where Venus born out of sea foam and came ashore on a shell, NUME-Lab is committed to put you  on the Venus´ shell and let you start your own Skin Renaissance experience.

NUME-Lab is a swiss brand that merges the secrets of the nature with the modern swiss biotechnology.

NUME-Lab is born of a need to follow an ethical and conscious approach while delivering high efficacy skin care products. The products are formulated, developed through swiss biotechnology research and tested in laboratory to garantee the highest quality and safety standards.

Our Promise

We want to improve the quality of life of anyone with skin concerns and to bridge worlds that might have different requirements.

We take the skin care personally, for our products we use only high efficacy and safe ingredients and produce in Switzerland, a country where the cosmetic regulation are one of the most severe in the world.

Being Clean is our lifestyle and we want that everyone can take advantage out of it.

Our committment

We are committed to formulate no toxic, clean skin care that respects your skin. To assure this they are Halal certified.

We are obsessed in formulating high efficacy skin care for great performance and lasting results.

Constantly strive selecting formulas ingredients based on tested efficacy result taking advantage of the Swiss innovative biotechnology.   —   +41 21 501 73 43

NUME-Lab Sàrl — Grand-Rue 92 — 1820 Montreux — Switzerland

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