Formulating Clean and Halal skin care through Swiss Biotechnology

Clean is the key of our approach. We all deserve better and can demand better. Our mindful standards apply to everyday choices and through our conscious skin care we want to support also your daily choices.

But what it means exactly? For us it is focusing on products which give results, without creating waste into fancy packaging with no performing ingredients. We formulate products that fit all skin types and that you would choose for your well-being. We follow an ethical and conscious approach from the sourcing of raw material up to the distribution.

To assure you about the pure ingredients selection and about our sustainable approach we certify our products according Halal principles. Halal lifestyle promotes and embrace sustainability and green living, this is also NUME-Lab approach.

We believe that is important to empower our customers by giving them the freedom to select the skin care that more fit their habits and culture. We value diversity,  freedom of choice and inclusion.

High efficacy products which are safe, produced in a country where sustainability is not a choice but an habit

We produce in Switzerland because Swiss skin care regulation is one of the severe in the world. Swiss cosmetic law not only bans more than 1328 irritants but is also making mandatory premarket safety assessments, registration of products, government authorization and prohibitions of animal testing. In comparison, the U.S. FDA restricts only 11 irritants.

Now you can regenerate your skin with products you can trust and where you do not need to compromise.

Start the clean skin care campaign with NUME-Lab through your skin care products.

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