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Essential skin care for conscious consumers

Essential skin care for conscious consumers

More and more consumers are balancing their buying decisions . This began with the Millennials, but has definitely been passed on to  other generations. Material possessions are no longer the ultimate goal. Today’s consumers prefer to spend in a more measured, sustainable, and responsible way focusing on quality and less consumption.

By Paulina Kostrzycka

Finally you decided to take care of your skin care, sometimes it can feel like there are endless routines to follow. You want to fight aging signs wrinkles, to get rid of discoloration and you want your skin to be healthy and beautiful.

With so many goals, it means that you need to follow an endless routine? 

Absolutely no, at NUME-Lab Switzerland we researched and studied for the past 3 years what are the essential skin care products and the best pure, clean ingredients for a healthy, glowing skin and how skin care rituals can be structured to keep it super simple, even for those that have no time at all.

3 step skin care routine break down

The key in an effective routine is knowing what products work together, what are the benefits, and to follow the right order. Each step is designed to treat the needs of your skin to keep it regenerated and protected through day and night, fighting wrinkles, discoloration, providing the essential nutrients to the skin to revitalize, illuminate and reveal its real beauty. Of course everything requires commitment and we all agree that the best skincare ritual is one that you commit to on a daily basis. With 2-3 minutes in the morning and 2-3 minutes in the evening, you will see a great difference in a few weeks. 

NUME-Lab Switzerland is born of the need to have a conscious and ethical approach, and to offer  products with clean ingredients to consumers like us – Conscious Consumers. We are all  constantly seeking for quality over quantity,  focusing on the essential without creating waste in terms of money, time spent buying cosmetics that often are overlapping, or simply not effective. 
There is Beauty in simplicity, and with aging this is the most beautiful side effect, we become all more and more simple, need less and focus on what really matters.

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